Zero Waste to Landfill

Our mission is continue to recycle more food waste from our community and to prevent recyclable waste going to landfill.

We provide our clients with an independent certificate of Zero Waste to help our clients maintain a Zero to Landfill waste stream approach to their business.

  • Commerical

    We offer commercially attractive pricing rates when compared to landfill sites. The cost of disposing to landfill has risen significantly in recent years when compared to disposal rates which are becoming increasingly competitive in the AD market place.

  • Environmental

    By processing 1 tonne of food waste through an AD plant it will reduce approximately 1.1 tonne of CO2 entering the atmosphere when compared to landfill.

  • Closed Loop Recycling

    The biofertiliser we produce is then recycled back to land which in turn improves crop yields, so the nutrients are recycled back into the food supply chain.

What does Zero Waste to Landfill actually mean?

According to the carbon trust…

“Zero waste to landfill is a specific goal that can be achieved today and independently verified. The common interpretation of is that at least 99 percent of generated waste is diverted away from landfill. Which means that all waste produced is either reused, recycled, composted, or sent to energy recovery.”


Benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill

Recyclable waste continuing to landfill is not an environmentally sustainable process, moreover, most governments are improving waste policies to ensure a cleaner future for our world.

Zero waste to landfill is a framework that endeavours to reduce cost and waste of any products from the moment of production through its lifecycle and end of life.

The benefits for companies building a Zero waste to landfill approach include:

  • Cost savings
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Growth in waste revenue streams
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Brand positioning
  • Good for the environment

ALG Biogas are committed to working towards a Zero Waste Framework within our organisation and also helping our clients to work towards this goal.

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